Mumbai: Corporation Begins Work On Potholes Early

Mumbai, 22nd March 2023: The Mumbai Municipal Corporation has begun the process to address the pothole problem early this year. It has invited suppliers and plant operators of ready-mix concrete (RMC) to show how potholes and poor patches can be filled by utilising reactive asphalt and rapid hardening concrete technology. Before and during the 2023 monsoon, pothole patching work is proposed.

Potholes must be carved into geometric shapes, filled with the proper technology, and have a Fault Liability Period of at least three years. The BMC issued an offer last year in August to patch potholes using the same technology and Equipment for 15 months, but it received no responses. As a result, it had to turn to its previous contractors.

990 km of the city’s 2,050 km of roadways have been concreted. One thousand and sixty kilometres of asphalt roads totalling 610 km have been concreted by the BMC. The following phase will see the completion of the final 450 km of road concretization. Nonetheless, the BMC has begun the process of choosing the pothole patching companies in advance after learning from last year’s experience.