Mumbai: QR Code Now Mandatory In Project Advertisement From 1st August: MahaRERA’s Decision

Mumbai, 29th May 2023: New MahaRERA registered housing projects have now been made mandatory to prominently mention the QR code in the project advertisement from 1st August. It will be imperative to prominently display the QR code next to the MahaRERA number and website information.


MahaRERA has taken this decision with the aim that the complete information of the project should be available to the customers in one click. This decision will be implemented from 1st August.


Various decisions are taken by MahaRERA to prevent consumer fraud and to make home-buying easier for consumers. Accordingly, it has now been made mandatory to prominently mention the QR code of the project along with the MahaRERA registration number in the advertisement of the project.


From the end of March, MahaRERA has started issuing a QR code containing comprehensive details of the projects along with the registration letter to all housing projects newly registered with MahaRERA. MahaRERA has also made QR codes available to register old projects. So now from 1st August, it is mandatory to mention the QR code along with the MahaRERA number in all the advertisements of the project. Even social media advertisement is mandatory to have a QR code.


Name of the project, name of the developer, when the project is expected to be completed, when the project was registered, whether there are any complaints against the project, various approvals of the project, whether any changes have been made in the approved plan of the project after the commencement of the project, whether the registration of the project has been renewed in this QR.


The code will be available to customers with one click. So it will be easy for the customer to decide between buying a house. As per the provisions of the RERA Act, developers have to update the information on their website in various forms every three months and six months. Form five of it is very important and it is mandatory to put it on the project website every year. It provides the current status and total cost of the project and other details. All these can be easily viewed from home due to the QR code.