Mumbai Railway: Tickets Remain Unconfirmed Amid Residents’ Plans For New Year Celebrations

Mumbai, 30th December 2022: Sanjay Singh, a resident of Nandanagar in Gorakhpur district, had planned to celebrate the new year in Mumbai with his family. Even after lakhs of efforts, no confirmed train ticket was found. Exhausted, leaving the family at home, along with a friend, he left for Goa by flight from Lucknow. Not only Sanjay, the desire of thousands of people of Purvanchal, including Gorakhpur, to celebrate the New Year in the pleasant weather of Mayanagari and Goa is suffocating in their hearts. People are worried, but they are not getting confirmed tickets for any train. All trains are already running full. There is a scramble for waiting. The rail baron remains in the celebration of the new year.

There is no direct train to Goa. People reach Goa only via Mumbai, but the trains of the North Eastern Railway are spoiling the plan to take a walk by the sea. Not only in Mumbai and Goa but also in the way of Delhi and South India, trains have become a hindrance. Many people also like to visit Delhi in the New Year or visit the tourist places and famous temples of South India.

About 70 thousand people are commuting daily from Gorakhpur Junction, even amid cold winds in the bitter cold. Experts say that this problem has arisen due to the cancellation of trains. Firstly, there was already a crowd of people going back after marriage. Now in the new year, the long line of people going on a journey has exposed the system of railways. If all the trains run regularly, people would not have to struggle for confirmed tickets even in the new year. Due to the increase in the crowd, the railways have to increase the frequency of special trains, but the problems of the passengers have increased. They are facing difficulties due to more tickets than travel.

Status of some trains leaving Gorakhpur today

22537 Kushinagar Express: 204 waiting in Sleeper and 56 in Third AC waiting.

15065 Gorakhpur-Panvel: 191 waiting in sleeper and 67 waiting in AC third.

12511 Raptisagar Express: 251 waiting in Sleeper and 29 in Third AC waiting.

12555 Gorakhdham Express: 164 waiting in sleeper and 63 in third AC waiting.