Mumbai: Temple Administrators Request Citizens To Follow Covid-Appropriate Behaviour During Visits

Mumbai, 24th December 2022: The central government has become alert due to the re-emergence of the coronavirus in various countries, including China. The Union Health Ministry has urged citizens to use masks and maintain physical distance in crowded places. The state governments have been ordered to implement other measures along with the completion of vaccination. Against this backdrop, the temple administration in Mumbai has also become alert. Even though the rules related to Corona have not been enforced, the temple management has appealed that the devotees coming to the temple should use masks for their safety and that of others and follow the rules of physical distance.

Many Mumbaikars and tourists visit various temples in Mumbai. It also includes citizens of various states of the country, including Maharashtra. In the wake of the Corona outbreak in China, the administrations of various temples in Mumbai have started taking necessary precautions. Mumba Devi temple management has made it mandatory for all its employees to wear face masks while performing their duties. In particular, security guards have been instructed to use gloves and masks. A meeting of the Mumba Devi Temple Management Committee was organized after the Corona outbreak in China. In this meeting, it was decided to take necessary measures.

Devotees coming for darshan at the temple are requested to wear a face mask. This rule is not binding on devotees. But the manager of Mumba Devi Temple, Hemant Jadhav, has appealed to the devotees to follow the rules related to Corona to keep themselves and others safe. Every day, a large number of devotees from all corners of the country come to Siddhivinayak temple to have the darshan of Lord Ganesha. Adesh Bandekar, President of Shri Siddhivinayak Ganapati Mandir at Prabhadevi, has appealed to citizens to use face masks and follow other rules related to Corona. Meanwhile, no decision has been taken by Shree Mahalakshmi Mandir in this regard.