Mumbai-Thane: Motormen Display Heroic Action: Avert Disaster through Quick Brake Response; Central Railway Probes Signal Irregularities

Mumbai-Thane, 8th January 2024: Two vigilant motormen on the Central Railway (CR) Mumbai division demonstrated remarkable quick thinking on Saturday, preventing a potential disaster by applying brakes in response to signal irregularities. The incident occurred between Ulhasnagar and Vithalwadi, where Motorman Keshavram Yadav and Motorman Kamlesh A Jethani successfully averted a collision with a stationary train on the same track.

Motorman Keshavram Yadav, operating a Badlapur-CSMT local train, received a commendation for his prompt action in stopping the train upon encountering a yellow signal (signal number 5602). The decisive response prevented a collision with another train on the track. Motorman Kamlesh A Jethani of a Karjat-CSMT train also encountered signal irregularities, displaying similar quick thinking to avoid potential danger.

In statements to the senior divisional engineer, Yadav and Jethani detailed their experiences with the malfunctioning signals. Yadav noted encountering a yellow signal after passing signal number 5606, while Jethani reported the initial red signal changing to yellow and then double yellow. Both motormen took immediate precautionary measures, stopping their trains, informing officials, and proceeding cautiously once the track was clear.

The railway language significance of signals was clarified, emphasizing that double yellow indicates clearance with a warning, yellow suggests a potential upcoming red signal, and red signifies a stop or danger ahead.

Upon contacting a senior CR official, assurance was provided regarding a comprehensive investigation into the signal irregularities. The CR is actively implementing measures to prevent similar incidents in the future, prioritizing passenger safety.

The CR Mazdoor Sangh, a prominent labour union, has prominently displayed a notice in the motorman lobby, underscoring the importance of a fair and thorough investigation into the issue with signal number 5602. The union advocates for accountability and continuous efforts to enhance railway safety standards.