Mumbai: Maharashtra Sees Rise in Minimum Temperatures Despite Overcast Skies

Mumbai, 8th January 2024: Following the recent dip in temperatures that marked the lowest of the season, Mumbai is experiencing a rise in minimum temperatures, prompting residents to ponder whether the eagerly awaited winter will extend into January. Despite a cloudy atmosphere in some parts of Maharashtra, the Indian Meteorological Department predicts a continuous increase in minimum temperatures for the state.

The state of Maharashtra is currently experiencing a conducive environment for rain in several areas, resulting in overcast skies and a moderation in cold temperatures. However, Mumbai is not expected to receive any rainfall, and residents were anticipating the onset of hailstorms in January.

As of Monday, the Colaba Centre of the India Meteorological Department recorded a minimum temperature of 22.6 degrees Celsius, while the Santacruz Centre registered a minimum temperature of 22 degrees Celsius. Both figures surpass the seasonal averages. Notably, Saturday saw the season’s lowest minimum temperature of 17.5 degrees Celsius at the Santacruz centre.

The recent fluctuation in temperatures has left Mumbai Citizens questioning whether the anticipated winter weather will persist into January. The brief cold spell in December brought relief to residents who had been eagerly awaiting colder temperatures.

The Meteorological Department’s forecast indicates a rising trend in minimum temperatures, possibly prolonging the wait for sustained winter conditions in Mumbai. Despite the lack of rain in the city, the overall weather pattern is subject to changes, and residents will be keenly observing further developments in the coming weeks.