Mumbai To Experience Dip In Temperature Towards End Of Year

Mumbai, 27th December 2022: Due to a slight change in the direction of the cold winds coming from North India, the temperature in Mumbai has increased by one or two degrees for the last two days, and the minimum temperature has come down to the average. However, there is a possibility of an increase in the maximum and minimum temperature till Thursday with more cold towards the end of the year. After that, in the first week of the new year, the maximum temperature will drop to 26 degrees, and the minimum temperature will drop to around 14 degrees, according to meteorologists.

Last Friday, the temperature in Mumbai’s Santa Cruz started falling. The minimum temperature in Mumbai this season was recorded on Sunday. On Sunday, the minimum temperature in Santa Cruz settled at 15 degrees, while the minimum temperature in Colaba dropped to 18.5 degrees. The minimum temperature in Santacruz was recorded to be one degree Celsius and in Colaba 0.3 degree Celsius lesser as compared to Saturday. So, the minimum temperature decreased by two to three degrees from the average. Hence, hail and dense fog increased as the mercury dropped to 15 degrees on Sunday. However, mercury was reported to rise by a few degrees on Monday. On Monday, Santacruz and Colaba recorded minimum temperatures of 16 and 19.2 degrees respectively. So, on Tuesday too, the minimum temperature increased by about one degree compared to Monday.

On Tuesday, Santa Cruz recorded a minimum temperature of 17 degrees, and Colaba recorded a minimum temperature of 20 degrees. Meanwhile, the direction of cold winds from the north has changed slightly, and the increase in the current minimum temperature is likely to continue till Thursday. However, as the minimum temperature is likely to remain above average, some degree of cold will be felt. After that, the temperature is expected to decrease again from Friday, the officials of the meteorological department informed.