Mumbai Tops List of Sexual Violence Cases Against Women In Maharashtra

Sexual Violence Cases

Mumbai, 21st May 2023: In a concerning development, cases of sexual violence against women have seen a sharp resurgence in Maharashtra, with Mumbai emerging as the most affected city.


According to the police crime report, Mumbai recorded the highest number of rape cases in the last four months, totaling 325. Pune followed closely in second place, with 89 reported cases, while Nagpur ranked third.


During the period from January to April, Mumbai witnessed a staggering 325 registered cases of rape, with the month of March alone accounting for 90 of these crimes. The remaining cases were reported in January (78), February (60), and April (79).


Pune reported 89 cases of rape, with January reporting the highest number at 28, followed by February (24), March (13), and April (24). In Nagpur, 85 cases of rape were registered during the same period, with April recording the highest number at 26, and February reporting the lowest at 14.


Other cities such as Nashik and Aurangabad also reported incidents of sexual violence.


Many of the accused individuals are known to the victims, including boyfriends and relatives. Often, these heinous acts are carried out under the pretext of marriage, and when rejected, result in a rape complaint. In some cases, consensual physical relations with close relatives turn sour, leading to reported incidents of rape.


According to the State Women Commission, recognizing the gravity of the situation, a request will be made to Chief Minister Eknath Shinde and Home Minister Devendra Fadnavis to establish a special committee dedicated to addressing atrocities against women. The Director General of Police has also been instructed to take decisive action in curbing such incidents. It is imperative that junior police officers handle these cases with utmost diligence, as proper investigation and serious engagement are vital to increasing the conviction rate.