Mumbai: Young Man Arrested For Arguing With Police Constables


Mumbai, 16th December 2022: Shubham Virendra Mishra, a 26-year-old man, was arrested by the Oshiwara police after arguing with a police constable. Action has been taken against him for obstructing government work, the officer said.


Vishal Naik works as a police constable at Oshiwara Police Station. A police team went to the Adarsh Nagar area of Jogeshwari after receiving information that a fight was going on between some youths. At that time, two youths who were fighting on the street were detained by the police for questioning. While he was being taken to the police station, Shubham Mishra came there and tried to argue with the police using offensive language. Naik was punched hard. After this incident, Mishra was detained by the police. He was arrested, and a case was registered against him.