Mumbai’s Skyline Set to Soar: 34% Surge in Skyscrapers Expected by 2030

Mumbai, 30th May 2024: In Mumbai, a city known for its scarcity of land, the development of vertical real estate has surged, leading to the proliferation of skyscrapers. According to a recent report by Anarock, the Mumbai Metropolitan Region is expected to witness a significant increase of 34% in skyscrapers, defined as buildings with over 40 floors, by 2030.

The report indicates that between 2024 and 2030, the number of completed skyscrapers is projected to rise from 154 to 207, marking a substantial growth spurt. These 207 towers are currently in various stages of construction, with completion expected within the specified timeframe.

While many cities have witnessed a slowdown in real estate development, particularly in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, Mumbai’s skyline continues to evolve rapidly. Southcentral Mumbai leads the way with approximately 103 towers, followed by the central suburbs with 87 towers and the western suburbs with 80 towers.

Interestingly, Thane, a neighbouring city of Mumbai, has also embraced the trend of high-rise development, albeit more recently. With 61 high-rises currently under development, Thane’s skyline is transforming reflective of Mumbai’s vertical growth trajectory.

Various neighborhoods in Mumbai, including Byculla, Worli, Lower Parel, and Chembur, are witnessing a concentration of these towering structures. Additionally, there are currently around 61 high-rises in the Mumbai region boasting over 60 floors each.

Anuj Puri, Chairman of ANAROCK Group, attributes this skyscraper boom to Mumbai’s exponential population growth and the city’s persistent land constraints. He emphasizes that these towering structures have become synonymous with Mumbai’s urban landscape, symbolizing its economic vitality and dynamic growth.