Nana Patekar Apologised For The Slap In The Viral Video: Thought He Was An Actor In The Production

Mumbai, 16th November 2023: Nana Patekar, a renowned actor in the entertainment industry, has garnered widespread acclaim for his performances in numerous films. However, he recently made headlines due to a viral video circulating on social media where he is seen slapping a fan seeking a selfie, sparking discussions and criticism.

In the video, Nana Patekar is observed slapping a fan who approached him for a photo. Addressing the incident, Nana Patekar issued an apology, providing context to the altercation. He clarified that the slap was part of a scene they were rehearsing for a film. Mistaking the fan for a crew member, Nana impulsively struck him, only to realize later that the individual was not associated with the production.

Expressing remorse, Nana Patekar emphasized that he never denies anyone the opportunity to take photographs and asserted that the incident resulted from a misunderstanding. He sought forgiveness, assuring that such an incident would not occur again. The public apology served to mitigate the impact of the video, putting the controversy to rest.

Despite the viral video incident, Nana Patekar continues to be actively involved in the entertainment industry, presently shooting for the film ‘Journey’ in Varanasi. Helmed by renowned director Anil Sharma, the movie features actor Utkarsh Sharma alongside Nana Patekar in pivotal roles.