Navi Mumbai: Arrested Trespassers at Salman Khan’s Farmhouse Unrelated to Death Threats, Involved in Previous Criminal Cases

Navi Mumbai, 9th January 2024: Two men arrested for attempting to trespass on Salman Khan’s farmhouse in Navi Mumbai are revealed to have no connection to the criminal gangs that had previously threatened the Bollywood star with death. However, it has been disclosed that both individuals have a criminal background in Fazilka district, Punjab, where they were previously booked for trespassing in an unrelated case.


On January 4, the accused were apprehended by guards at Salman Khan’s Arpita farmhouse in Panvel while attempting to enter illegally. The police intervened, and upon being caught, the men provided false names and addresses. Currently in police custody, further investigation is ongoing.


Ajesh Kumar Omprakash Gila, a 23-year-old furniture trader, and Gurusevak Singh Tej Singh Sikh, a 23-year-old carpenter, had recently arrived in Mumbai after fleeing a dispute with a local gang in Punjab. The disagreement in Punjab stemmed from a clash during a marriage ceremony over playing a particular song.


Senior Police Inspector Anil Patil clarified that the arrested individuals have no link to the death threats against Salman Khan. The police verified their claim of fleeing a confrontation with a local gang in Punjab over a song dispute, confirming its authenticity.


During their stay in Mumbai, the duo roamed the city and attempted to catch glimpses of celebrities outside their residences. Learning about Salman Khan’s farmhouse, named ‘Arpit,’ they tried to enter the compound with hopes of easy access.


Police discovered forged Aadhaar cards on the individuals’ mobile phones, each with the same photo but different names. The duo admitted to forging the cards during their train journey from Punjab, downloading random cards from the internet and affixing their photos. This was done due to the realization that Aadhaar was required for booking hotel rooms in Mumbai, and they hadn’t carried their original Aadhaar cards.