Navi Mumbai: Prime Minister Narendra Modi Likely to Inaugurate the Second Phase of Uran Railway Line on January 12

Uran, 8th January 2024: In a significant development for the region’s transportation infrastructure, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is likely to inaugurate the eagerly awaited second phase of the Uran railway line on January 12. This expansion, connecting Kharkopar to Uran, marks the completion of the entire Uran line, providing improved travel options for commuters between Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus (CSMT) and Uran via Belapur/Nerul. Simultaneously, the inauguration of the Digha Gaon railway station on the trans-harbour line is also slated for the same day.

The introduction of the second phase of the Uran railway line aims to simplify commuting for both residents and travellers. Previously limited to Kharkopar, the extended line is anticipated to streamline travel, offering a more convenient transportation option for those commuting between CSMT and Uran.

The project unfolded in two phases, with the initial phase linking Nerul/Belapur to Kharkopar throughout 12.4 km, commencing in November 2018. While this phase significantly improved connectivity, the subsequent 14.3 km segment encountered delays, primarily due to opposition from local villagers regarding compensation issues.

The Belapur-Uran Line’s primary objective is to support transportation to the upcoming Navi Mumbai Airport. With the operationalization of the final phase, commuters can expect a seamless journey between CSMT and Uran within one hour and 45 minutes, effectively reducing travel time.

Despite challenges leading to frustration among some passengers due to delayed services, railway officials are gearing up for the commencement of local services in the final phase. Subsequent passenger train services are expected to follow suit, providing the much-awaited connectivity for the region.

The addition of the Digha Gaon railway station on the trans-harbour line further enhances accessibility to the trans-harbour line, contributing to the robustness of the railway network in the area.