Navi Mumbai: Local Heroes Unite Against Forest Fire Menace: Environmentalists and Forest Department Join Forces

Uran, 3rd December 2023: A massive fire broke out in the mountains of Kadape-Vasheni on Friday night, believed to have been ignited by unknown miscreants. The incident prompted swift action from environmentalists and local authorities to control and extinguish the wildfire.

The dedicated efforts of the workers from Chirner’s Friends of Nature (FON) organization, along with individuals like Rakesh Shinde and Hrishikesh Mhatre, were instrumental in combating the blaze. The forest department officers and employees also joined the firefighting operation, contributing tirelessly to bring the situation under control.

In response to this unfortunate incident, Chirner’s Friends of Nature (FON) has issued an appeal to the villagers, urging them to refrain from starting fires in the forests. The organization emphasizes the need for cooperation with forest department employees to prevent the destruction of wildlife habitats. The wildfires not only pose a threat to many birds, their nests, eggs, small creatures, insects, and reptiles but also endanger the overall ecological balance.

Uran Raigad, through Chirner’s Friends of Nature (FON), seeks the support of the local community to promote responsible environmental practices and discourage activities that could harm the delicate ecosystems within the region. The collaborative efforts of environmentalists, forest department personnel, and the community are crucial in safeguarding the natural beauty and biodiversity of the Kadape-Vasheni mountains.