Navi Mumbai: Mumbai Police Arrest Suspect in Grisly Murder of Bank Manager Amy Kaur


Navi Mumbai, 9th January 2024: Mumbai Police apprehended 24-year-old Shoaib Sheikh at his residence in suburban Saki Naka in connection with the alleged murder of his girlfriend, Amy alias Amit Ravindra Kaur. The arrest took place following a tip-off, preventing Sheikh from fleeing to his hometown in Uttar Pradesh.

According to police reports, the victim, Amy Kaur (35), a manager at a private bank, was strangled to death by Sheikh at a Navi Mumbai hotel. The motive behind this act was revealed during Sheikh’s interrogation. He confessed to the crime, citing suspicions of Kaur’s involvement in an extramarital affair as the driving force behind the murder.

The Mumbai Police, acting promptly on the tip-off and information about Sheikh’s potential involvement in illegal activities, informed their counterparts in the Turbhe area, Navi Mumbai. A police team swiftly reached the hotel where Sheikh and Kaur had checked in. Upon entering a room, they discovered Kaur’s lifeless body, prompting immediate action against the suspect.

Amy Kaur, a 35-year-old bank manager employed at a branch of IDFC Bank in Navi Mumbai, was a resident of the Sion Koliwada area in Mumbai. The tragic incident has sent shockwaves through the community, highlighting the need for increased awareness about issues related to domestic violence and personal safety.

Shoaib Sheikh, now in custody, faces charges under various sections of the Indian Penal Code, including Section 302 (murder). The legal proceedings will unfold as the investigation progresses, shedding light on the circumstances surrounding this horrific crime.