Number Of Corona-Infected Patients Found At Airports Reaches 27

Mumbai, 23rd January 2023: Corona tests are being conducted daily at the international airports of Mumbai, Pune, and Nagpur in Maharashtra as per the order of the central government. So far, 27 corona-infected patients have been found during these tests. Their samples have been sent for genetic testing.

A survey of passengers landing at international airports in the country is being conducted in the background of the new variant of the coronavirus found in China. Accordingly, passengers landing at Mumbai, Pune and Nagpur international airports in the state are also being surveyed from 24th December. Passengers are being thermally screened, and samples of two per cent of passengers are being taken for a corona test. The samples infected with coronavirus are being sent for genetic testing. According to this, so far, 5,15,526 patients have landed at the three international airports of Mumbai, Pune and Nagpur, out of which 11,718 patients have been tested for the coronavirus.

So far, 27 patient samples are infected. Seven patients were found in Mumbai, three in Pune, and one each in Navi Mumbai, Amravati and Sangli. Among the remaining patients, five patients are from Gujarat, two each from Kerala, Uttar Pradesh, and one each from Goa, Tamil Nadu, Assam, Odisha and Telangana. The health department stated that the samples of all these patients have been sent for genetic testing.