One Lakh Children Vaccinated Against Measles In First Phase Of Special Vaccination Program

Mumbai, 27th December 2022: In the wake of the Measles outbreak in Maharashtra, the Action Team set up by the State Government has undertaken a special Measles-Rubella Vaccination drive to ensure no child is deprived of the vaccine. Under this, the vaccination campaign is being implemented in two phases from 15th December. In the first phase, 1,24,467 children have been vaccinated in Mumbai. However, this number is very low, and it is being pointed out that the special vaccination campaign is getting little response from the parents.

The State Action Team has decided to give the measles-rubella vaccine to every child in the age group of nine months to five years. Accordingly, the State Action Force has suggested conducting a special vaccination drive to provide vaccines to every child who is deprived of the Measles-Rubella vaccine in the state. The campaign aims to vaccinate all children from mid-December till Republic Day. This campaign will be implemented in two phases, the first phase will be implemented from 15th to 25th December and the second phase will be implemented from 15th to 25th January. Accordingly, the first phase was completed on 25th December, and more than one lakh children have been vaccinated. In this, the number of children who were given the first dose of the measles-rubella vaccine is 62,940, while the number of children who were given the second dose of the vaccine is 61,527. Also, 3,118 (95.18 per cent) children aged nine months to five years received the MRCV-1 vaccine, and 3,139 (90.40 per cent) children aged 16 months to five years received the MRCV-2 vaccine in the first round of 494 vaccination sessions under the Special Immunization Campaign in Mumbai.

14,920 additional vaccination sessions have been organized in the state till 25th December. Also, the number of children who have been given vitamin A is 1,62,253. Effectively 1,370 survey teams are working in Gowar, and they have surveyed almost 28 lakh houses.

Mobile vaccination sessions are being organized from 24th December for children living on construction sites and under bridges. 44 out of 93 (47.3 per cent) children received MRCV 1 vaccine dose, while 27 out of 91 (29.7 per cent) children received the second MRCV 2 dose at the construction site. 73 out of 115 (63.5 per cent) children living under bridges received the MRCV 1 dose, while 21 out of 56 (37.5 per cent) children received the MRCV 2 dose.