Provide Immediate Assistance To Those Affected By Heavy Rains: Chief Minister Eknath Shinde

Aurangabad, 31st July 2022: Chief Minister Eknath Shinde today ordered for immediate assistance to the affected farmers and citizens of Marathwada so that everyone who has been affected by heavy rains, gets timely help. On the occasion he also announced to provide a fund of Rs. 200 crores for the repair of the old scheme that supplies water to Aurangabad city.

Today, Chief Minister Eknath Shinde held a departmental review meeting regarding heavy rainfall, condition of crops, development works and various other matters at the Divisional Commissioner’s office.

After reviewing the situation of heavy rain and crops in Marathwada, the Chief Minister said that the government is considering to take a strategic decision to provide financial support to the affected farmers, including providing assistance to the farmers as per the criteria of the National Disaster Management Authority. He ordered that all the concerned administrative bodies should make efforts to provide financial assistance and other assistance to the affected people.

The Chief Minister said that the welfare of farmers is the priority of the government and various schemes of agriculture and farmer development should be brought to the people more dynamically. The concerned systems should make efforts to provide various sources of income other than agriculture. Along with traditional agriculture, the farmers of Marathwada should prefer to apply the concepts of organic agriculture, cluster agriculture and advanced technology used in modern ways in other states and countries. So that there will be a positive change in both the agricultural productivity and the financial condition of the farmers. For this, complementary industries should be added to agriculture and the systems should mainly focus on quality agricultural production, distribution and market availability. While ordering that the administration should make efforts to prevent private moneylenders and see that loan proposals are approved in time by banks, the Chief Minister ordered to provide the benefits of all government schemes to the families of suicide victims.

 Shinde instructed the concerned authorities to take favourable action to build a connecting road from Padegaon area of Aurangabad city for Samruddhi Highway. The Chief Minister said that the Nanded-Jalna Samriddhi Highway will also be constructed soon. Providing water for Marathwada and planning necessary measures by changing the water scheme, also diverting the entire water of Upper Vaitrana dam to Godavari basin, providing water flowing into the sea from the western channel Vaitrana, Ulhas river basin for Marathwada. Also, the Chief Minister said that instructions will be given to the National Water Development Institute regarding doing DPR for River Linking project and water availability.

After reviewing the water supply system in the city, the Chief Minister approved a proposal of Rs 200 crore funding for the renovation of the old system that supplies water to the city. Also, after reviewing the work of Balasaheb Thackeray Memorial, the Chief Minister instructed to complete the work promptly.

An information booklet “Aurangabad’s Horse Race towards Development” prepared by Aurangabad District Information Office was released by the Chief Minister.