Pune: ‘Conversations on the Move’ in Deccan Queen Express – Experience an enriching journey

Pune, 20th April 2022: Mllions of passengers everyday count on the Central Railway to lead their lives and business. Central Railway is known for its passenger-centricity and new initiatives.

Given the organization’s penchant for innovative technology usage, Central Railway under Non Fare Revenue has partnered to drive new-age conversational experiences for passengers during their journey. Using Gupshup’s world-class conversational engagement solutions, Central Railway is making travel a richer, more intuitive and engaging experience every time. Recently, Central Railway introduced this interactive experience in Deccan Queen Express and planned to introduce in 10 more express trains.

If you are a frequent traveller on the Deccan Queen, you can’t miss the QR code placed in each bay area. Once you scan the QR code, you’re treated to a whole new level of travel and infotainment via an intelligent chatbot. You can access more details about the journey, especially in-depth details on some of the important stations on your route. These details include places to visit, Shopping, Meals to try, Clothing, Souvenirs and more. A chance to refresh your general knowledge awaits you, with interesting quizzes you can choose from. For the gaming afficionados, exciting games will keep you engrossed. And for those that love stories, especially mythology, you will be treated to short, unheard stories from Ramayana, Mahabharata and other folklore. To top it all, the chatbot can engage with you in any language of your choice, supported by Google Translate.

More than 1 lakh travellers have already experienced the difference. There has already been a great deal of interest in knowing details about the journey, playing the quizzes, and delving in mythological and entertainment content.

Central Railway invites you onboard an enriching journey.