Pune Metro Stations Face Identity Crisis: Mahametro Empowered to Address Name Change Requests

Pune, 1st March 2024: In Pune, objections have been raised against the names of several Pune Metro stations, as initially proposed by Mahametro in the project development plan. Despite the retention of the initially designated names, there is a growing demand for a change in nomenclature. Responding to this, the Maharashtra state government has granted Mahametro the authority to modify the station names. Consequently, Mahametro is actively working on altering the names of six stations.

Since the commencement of the first phase of the Pune Metro in March 2022, there has been persistent advocacy for name changes. The call to rename Bhosari station as Nashik Phata was the first and most prominent. This appeal stems from the fact that the station is situated at Nashik Phata, whereas Bhosari is located 5 km away. Lack of awareness about this geographical distinction often leads passengers to realize, upon arrival, that they are at Nashik Phata instead of Bhosari. To mitigate this, Nashik Phata is currently parenthetically indicated next to Bhosari station.

Several demands have been raised to change the names of Pune Metro stations, including Civil Court, Shivajinagar, Mangalwar Peth, Budhwar Peth, and Ideal Colony. These requests have come from various political parties and social organizations, with some proposing alternative names. Notably, the Thackeray group recently protested, urging the renaming of Budhwar Peth station to Kasba Peth Metro station.

In response to these demands, the state government has issued guidelines for renaming metro stations, granting Mahametro the authority to make these changes. Mahametro is contemplating altering the names of six stations, namely Mangalwar Peth, Budhwar Peth, Ideal Colony, Civil Court, Shivajinagar, and Bhosari. A committee will be formed by Mahametro soon to facilitate the renaming process, adhering to the geographical location as a primary criterion, in line with the state government’s rules.

Executive Director Hemant Sonawane of Mahametro stated, “There has been a demand to change the name of many metro stations. A proposal in this regard was sent to the central and state governments. Now the Maharashtra Government has given the authority to change the name of the metro station to Mahametro. Therefore, it has been decided to change the names of some stations.”