Pune Police And FICCI To Jointly Launch Social Activities : Commissioner Amitabh Gupta

Pune, 8th May 2022: FICCI’s leading women entrepreneurs working for the adoption of remote villages in Pune district, providing permanent assistance to the deprived and neglected sections of the city and doing social work for them are working as role models for the community. In the future, various social activities will be implemented jointly by Pune Police and FICCI. This will ensure the safety of women and encourage women entrepreneurs, said Police Commissioner Amitabh Gupta.


He was speaking at an event organized by FICCI’s FLO Women’s Wing in Pune to guide women entrepreneurs on Saturday. To promote women entrepreneurs, FICCI Women’s Wing organized an open dialogue and workshop with Commissioner Amitabh Gupta.


At this time, when women raised various issues and questions of women in the city of Pune before Commissioner Amitabh Gupta, he guided the women in a very positive manner.


He assured that he would extend all necessary support to women. He also expressed his intention to carry out various socially useful activities in the city along with FICCI Women’s Front.


FICCI Women’s Front President Neelam Sevalekar informed that this special event was organized to promote women entrepreneurs in FICCI Women’s Wing. He also said that in future, various industry orientation camps, conferences and programs will be organized to provide guidance to women entrepreneurs.


FICCI Women’s Wing President Neelam Shevalekar, Senior Vice President Rekha Magar, Vice President Pinki Rajpal, Treasurer Sonia Rao, Co-Treasurer Poonam Khochhar, Secretary Anita Agarwal, Joint Secretary Sujata Sabnis, Usha Poonawala and other office bearers of the organization were present in large numbers.