Railway Platform Ticket Price Hike In Mumbai, New Rates Will Be Applicable From Today

Mumbai, 9th May 2022: In the month of April, there were 332 incidents of alarm chain pulling (emergency chain) in various railway station areas in Mumbai. In this, many people have pulled the emergency chain of railways for no reason. Due to such malpractices, many express trains run late in April. As a result, all the other passengers on the train have to suffer. With this in mind, Central Railway has decided to increase train platform ticket prices to prevent alarm chain pulling incidents.


Central Railway has hiked train platform fares at various railway stations in Mumbai. This information was given by the Chief Public Relations Officer of Central Railway, Shivaji Sutar through his Twitter account. The relevant increase has been made for 15 days between tomorrow i.e. 9th May 2022 to 23rd May 2022. Therefore, platform tickets at CSMT, Dadar, LTT, Thane, Kalyan and Panvel railway stations in Mumbai will now cost Rs 50 instead of Rs 10.


Central Railway’s Chief Public Relations Officer Shivaji Sutar informed that “There were 332 incidents of alarm chain pulling in April. Of these, 53 incidents have occurred for the right reasons. In 279 cases, the accused have pulled the emergency chain of the railways without any reason. Crimes have been registered against the accused under Indian Railways Act. Many of these crimes are against unknown defendants. A fine of Rs 94,000 has been recovered from the arrested accused so far.”