Real Estate Developer Murdered in Navi Mumbai: Wife and Accomplice Arrested

Navi Mumbai, 15th January 2024: A shocking incident unfolded in Navi Mumbai as 39-year-old real estate developer Manoj Kumar Singh was brutally murdered on January 13, 2024. The police have apprehended two individuals, including the victim’s wife, in connection with the heinous crime.

The accused have been identified as Poonam Singh (34), the wife of the deceased, and Raju alias Shamsul Abuhuraira Khan (22), an office boy employed by Manoj Kumar Singh. Investigations have revealed that Poonam and Raju were involved in an illicit affair, and their alleged motive for the murder was linked to the multiple forgery and cheating cases pending against Manoj.

Fearing the potential loss of property in the event of Manoj’s conviction in the ongoing legal battles, Poonam and Raju reportedly conspired to eliminate him. Seizing an opportunity when Manoj was alone in his office, Raju attacked him with a rod, inflicting fatal head injuries.

After the assault, the accused took measures to cover their tracks by removing the hard disk from the CCTV cameras, attempting to erase any potential evidence. However, the police, acting on information, swiftly formed teams and detained Raju under suspicion.

During interrogation, Raju confessed to the murder and implicated Poonam in the conspiracy. Subsequently, Poonam also admitted her involvement in planning and executing the murder of her husband. Both accused individuals were arrested and presented before the court, which remanded them to police custody until January 18.

The NRI Coastal Police Station is currently conducting further inquiries into the case to gather more details surrounding the motive, the execution of the crime, and any additional individuals who may have been involved.