Right-Wing Groups File Complaints Against Nayanthara’s ‘Annapoorani’ Alleging Religious Sentiment Offenses

Mumbai, 11th January 2024: Right-wing groups, including the Bajrang Dal and Hindu IT Cell, have lodged separate complaints against actor Nayanthara and the team associated with the film ‘Annapoorani,’ accusing certain scenes of hurting religious sentiments and promoting ‘love jihad.’ The complaints have been submitted to the Oshiwara police station and Lokmanya Tilak Marg Police Station in South Mumbai.

Bajrang Dal activists initiated an ongoing inquiry at the Oshiwara police Station two days ago, expressing concern over scenes that they believe hurt religious sentiments and endorse ‘love jihad.’ Simultaneously, Ramesh Solanki, founder of Hindu IT Cell, filed another complaint at the Lokmanya Tilak Marg Police Station, accusing the film of intentionally demeaning Lord Ram to offend Hindus’ religious sentiments.

In his complaint, Solanki pointed to specific scenes in ‘Annapoorani,’ including one where Nayanthara’s character is shown offering namaz wearing a ‘hijab’ after making biryani. Another scene suggests that Lord Ram and Maa Sita consumed meat. The complaint also mentions a scene where Nayanthara’s character opts for ‘iftar’ at Farhaan’s place instead of going to the temple.

Ramesh Solanki has demanded the filing of a First Information Report (FIR) against Nayanthara, director Nilesh Krishnaa, and others involved, alleging the offence of hurting religious sentiments and promoting ‘love jihad.’ The police officials have received the written complaint application and are awaiting Solanki’s appearance at the police station to proceed with further action.

The term ‘love jihad’ is invoked by right-wing groups to allege a coordinated effort by Muslim men to convert Hindu women to Islam. These complaints and allegations against ‘Annapoorani’ add to the ongoing debate surrounding creative freedom and the delicate balance between artistic expression and religious sensitivities.