Sharad Pawar Shares Opinion On AC Locals During Press Conference 

Mumbai, 29th August 2022: For the past few days, the issue of AC local running on the Central Railway line has been in discussion. After the citizens protested against AC local trains, the Central Railway has taken a step back and restored 10 new regular local trains. Nationalist Congress Party leader Jitendra Awad has warned of an agitation if the AC locals are not closed.




After this, Sharad Pawar also commented on this issue and demanded the closure of AC locals when he was speaking at a press conference held in Thane.




NCP party president Sharad Pawar reached Thane district at 11 am today and is expected to be in Thane till 5 pm. Sharad Pawar camping in Chief Minister Eknath Shinde’s district for the entire day has started various discussions in political circles. He interacted with the media in Thane at 2 pm. When Sharad Pawar was asked about the public agitation against AC locals, he said, “The issue of AC locals was raised by Jitendra Awad. The working class, middle class, and labourers are mostly affected by AC trains. This problem will not be solved by cancelling just one train. This is increasing the pain of common people. AC locals should be closed, and regular public transport should be made available.”




A few days ago, passengers protested aggressively at the Thane-Kalwa railway station. These passengers were aggressive due to the cancellation of simple local and extension of AC local trips. These passengers blocked the AC local leaving the Kalwa car shed. Due to the same train turning into AC locality, there was a problem for the passengers. Due to this, the angry passengers had stopped this local for almost an hour. A similar protest was held at Badlapur railway station.




Central Railway has decided to re-run 10 air-conditioned trains as normal local trains after increasing passenger opposition to running air-conditioned local trains instead of normal local trains. Air-conditioned locals have been temporarily cancelled. Ten normal local rounds have been implemented from Thursday, 25th August.




Locals Way Down


CSMT-Badlapur- Sun. 9.09 hrs




CSMT-Kalyan-Mon. 12.25 pm




CSMT-Thane-Mon. 3.02 hrs




CSMT-Badlapur-Evening 5.22 hrs




CSMT-Thane-Res. 8.30 hrs






Locals Way Up


Thane-CSMT-Sun. 8.20 hrs.




Badlapur-CSMT-Sun. 10.42 hrs.




Kalyan-CSMT-Mon. 1.36 hrs




Thane-CSMT-Evening. 4.12 hrs




Badlapur-CSMT-Evening. 6.55 hrs.