Shoppers Stop Introduces Menstrual Leaves For Women!

Mumbai, 10 March 2022: Shoppers Stop, India’s leading fashion and beauty destination, has introduced a menstrual leave policy for its female employees. Women employees are at the heart of Shoppers Stop making up 29% of the brand’s total employment. Most of the employees are the brand’s Customer Care Associates, Personal Shoppers, and Beauty Advisors who work long hours on the store floor. This policy will enable women to take 12 days of annual paid leaves under the menstrual leave policy, over and above their privileged and sick leaves.

“Our Customer Care Associates work long hours providing the customers with a smooth shopping experience. These long strenuous hours cause fatigue and weariness among women when they are already uncomfortable on their period. We understand the discomfort women go through. This leave allows women to voluntarily take time off during their menstrual cycle. We want to provide women with a supportive work environment.”, says Mr. Venugopal Nair – Customer Care Associate, Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer, Shoppers Stop Limited.

Shoppers Stop believes in promoting a safe and healthy work environment for its employees. The brand believes in breaking barriers and smashing stigma. These leaves are every woman’s right and Shoppers Stop is taking its step to support this agenda.