Silt In Mora Port Disrupts Shipping, Outrage From Passengers

Navi Mumbai, 28th October 2022: Mora port department has announced that the water service between Mora and Mumbai will be blocked for three and a half hours after 5.30 pm on Friday. Due to this, passengers coming from Mumbai and Mora on this route and Chakarmani are being disturbed, so the passengers are expressing their anger.


Lakhs of cubic meters of silt are being removed by spending crores of rupees for the past several years. But still, every year there is a problem of silt in Mora port. Therefore, a permanent solution to this problem is being demanded. Mora Mumbai is an important waterway, and thousands of passengers are traveling through this route every day as a fast travel route between Uran and Mumbai. In this, mainly the chakarmani who come and go from Uran to Mumbai for work are travelling daily. As the sea is ebbing at the time of leaving the office in the evening, the traffic in both Bhau Jhak and Mora ports in Mumbai is being closed to prevent the passenger boat from getting stuck in the silt on the shore.


A request has been made to the senior office to remove the silt from Mora port. However, until then, Mora Port Officer Prakash Kandalkar has informed us that the water service from Mora to Mumbai will be closed for a few hours in the evening due to the ebb of the sea.