Subway Found In JJ Hospital Mumbai

Mumbai, 4th November 2022: A tunnel has been discovered under the 130-year-old DM Pettit building of JJ Hospital in Byculla. The premises of this building belong to the College of Nursing, and the underground passage is from the Maternity Ward to the Children’s Ward. JJ hospital administration has informed the collector’s office about this subway, and further action has been started in that regard.

An underground passage was suddenly discovered on Thursday in the premises of the DM Pettit building on the premises of JJ Hospital. While inspecting the hospital, Dr Arun Rathod noticed this subway. He checked the subway with the help of security guards, the subway is 200 meters long.

“We imagined that there was a subway on the premises of the building. But it was not known exactly where it was. The building was built in 1892. Now one mouth of this tunnel has been found, and we have to find out where the other way opens. We have also informed the Collector’s office about this. Provided by Pallavi Saple.

The construction of JJ Hospital is mainly of the British era and the buildings there were built 177 years ago. The information about this subway has been given to the District Collector of Mumbai and the archaeology department will also inspect this subway. Reportedly, this is the subway for the patients of the ward to escape in case of emergency.