Ten Percent Water Reduction In Thane And Bhiwandi Cities; Water Cut Will Be Applicable Till November 10

Thane, 1st November 2022: The Mumbai Municipal Corporation has taken up the work of replacing the air bladder in the pneumatic gate system of the Pise dam on the Bhatsa river in the district from Tuesday.


Due to this work, the Mumbai Municipal Corporation has implemented a ten percent reduction in the water supply to Thane and Bhiwandi cities each.


This work will continue till November 10 and till then the ten percent water reduction will be applicable in both the cities. Therefore, the citizens of Thane and Bhiwandi are likely to face the problem of water shortage in coming days.


Meanwhile, the citizens will not get enough water due to the low pressure of water supply in all areas, but as a solution to this, the municipal administration has now started planning to provide sufficient water to other areas by shutting off the water supply to one area every day.


The Mumbai Municipal Corporation also draws water from Bhatsa Dam’s Pise Dam and supplies it to the city. To increase the water level in this dam, the repair work of the pneumatic gate system was undertaken by the Mumbai Municipal Corporation from October 11.


The water supply in Thane city was affected by this repair work. As the water level of the river was reduced, the Thane Municipal Corporation was not able to lift enough water from the dam. Due to this, on the eve of Diwali, the water supply in the city was reduced by ten percent. The repair work would continue till October 20. But after three to four days, the Mumbai Municipal Corporation was unable to repair the pneumatic gate system due to the increase in the water level in the river due to the sudden rain.
Therefore, the municipality stopped the repair work and canceled the reduction.


Now that the rain has stopped completely, the municipality has taken up the repair work of the pneumatic gate system from Tuesday. This work will continue till November 10.


The areas of Gawdevi, Kopri, Tekdi Bangla, Kisannagar, Hazuri, and Indiranagar in Thane city will be affected and these areas will have low-pressure water supply for the next ten days.