Thane Man Falls on Iron Rods, Prompt Action by Construction Workers

Thane, 15th January 2024: In an incident early Monday morning, a resident of Thane, identified as Jairaj Sardar, sustained severe injuries after falling from a 26-storey under-construction building in Bhim Nagar.

The unfortunate incident occurred at approximately 4:12 am when Sardar fell from the building and landed on protruding iron rods at the construction site. Eyewitnesses reported the chilling scene, describing the horrifying sight of the man landing on the sharp rods.

Quick-thinking construction workers on-site immediately sprang into action to rescue Sardar. Using a grinder machine, they worked diligently to cut the rod that had pierced his waist. The delicate operation required precision and coordination to ensure the safety of both the victim and the rescuers.

Local authorities were promptly alerted, and a team of firefighters and disaster management personnel rushed to the scene. Their swift response played a crucial role in stabilizing the situation and ensuring the safe extraction of Jairaj Sardar from the hazardous site.

It was clarified by officials that Jairaj Sardar was not employed at the construction site, raising questions about how he ended up in such a perilous situation. Investigations are underway to determine the circumstances leading to the fall.