Thane: RTO To Take Action Against Rickshaw Driver Who Assaulted Passenger In Dombivli

Dombivli, 30th March 2023: The Ramnagar police arrested a rickshaw driver who assaulted a passenger at Indira Chowk in the eastern part of Dombivli on Tuesday night. Criminal action will be taken against this rickshaw driver by the sub-regional transport department (RTO).

As the rickshaw drivers do not listen to the passengers despite repeated requests to treat them with courtesy, the Sub-Regional Transport Department has decided to cancel the licenses and permits of the rickshaw drivers who receive complaints for a few months. Two days ago in Dombivli, Ganesh Tambe, a resident of Pisavali in Kalyan East, was beaten up by a rickshaw driver, Sunil Gopal Rathod, who lives in Khambalpada Bhoirwadi area of Thakurli, with hand-bungs and bamboo sticks, due to the fare. All this was captured on the CCTV camera of Indira Chowk.

Ganesh Tambe wanted to take a rickshaw from Indira Chowk to Pisawali. He asked the rickshaw driver Rathod about the fare. Tambe said that the rent quoted by him was increased. He got angry and beat up Tambe. Passenger Tambe filed a complaint against the rickshaw driver at Ramnagar police station. After registering a case and checking the CCTV footage, and discussing with other rickshaw drivers, the police arrested a rickshaw driver – Sunil Rathod – from Khambalpada Bhoirwadi. Kalyan Deputy Regional Transport Officer Vinod Salvi wrote a letter to Ramnagar police station on Wednesday against the rickshaw driver Rathod, giving the information disclosed in the investigation. After the police report went to Sub-Regional Transport Officer Salvi, Rathod’s rickshaw license was suspended.

In Kalyan, Dombivli, passengers are expressing strong displeasure with the rickshaw drivers as the refusal of normal fares, demand for increased fares, and hazing by passengers have increased. There are many rickshaw associations within municipal limits. Passengers are raising questions that these organizations are not afraid of rickshaw drivers.

“After receiving the report of rickshaw driver Sunil Rathod at Ramnagar police station, a decision will be taken after discussing with the seniors regarding the cancellation of his licence. The purpose of this action is to send a message that no rickshaw driver should again do such misbehaviour to other passengers,” said Vinod Salvi, Sub-Regional Transport Officer, Kalyan.