Thane: Tragic Killing Of Married Woman By In-Laws In Bondarpada: Six In Custody

Shahapur, 20th September 2023: In a perturbing incident, a married woman lost her life after being shot by a pellet gun fired by her in-laws in Bondarpada village of the Ajnup taluka. The 27-year-old victim, identified as Ranjana Bhawar, fell victim to repeated physical and mental harassment, allegedly stemming from her in-laws and husband. As the investigation unfolds, six individuals, including her husband and his parents, find themselves in the custody of the Shahapur police.

Ranjana, a member of the Bhawar family residing in Bondarpada, Ajnup Taluka, endured relentless physical and psychological torment at the hands of her husband and her in-laws. After being fed up with their ordeal last year, she attempted to end her own life by consuming poison. Following her suicide attempt, Ranjana chose to reconcile with her in-laws and returned to live with them. However, despite the apparent reconciliation, the young woman continued to suffer both physically and mentally, enduring the ongoing mistreatment from her husband and in-laws.

Tragically, the situation escalated on Tuesday night when Ranjana was mowed down, allegedly due to a pellet gun being fired at her. Her brother, Pandhari Kewari, filed a formal complaint with the Shahapur police in this case.

Shahapur police have acted swiftly, detaining six individuals in connection with this case, including Ranjana’s husband, mother-in-law, father-in-law, and three others. As the investigation proceeds, Ranjana’s body has been sent to J. J. Hospital for a post-mortem examination to ascertain the precise cause of her tragic death.

Shahapur Deputy Superintendent of Police Milind Shinde and Assistant Police Inspector Nitin Khairnar are investigating the case under the guidance of Police Inspector Anant Parad.