Thane: Worker’s Sudden Death At Housing Project Leads To Negligence Charges Against Contractors In Dombivli

Dombivli, 21st September 2023: In a devastating incident that unfolded on Monday morning, a worker employed at a housing project met an untimely demise. The Manpada police, following a thorough investigation into the circumstances surrounding the worker’s death, have concluded that negligence on the part of the electrical and paint contractors responsible for supplying labour to the construction site played a significant role in the worker’s death. Consequently, a case has been registered against these contractors.

Surprisingly, in the wake of the worker’s demise, no member of his family stepped forward to file a formal complaint. Therefore, the Manpada police station constable, Vinod Dhakne, took it upon himself to register a case in this matter. The individuals now facing charges are electrical contractor Mohan Naidu and painting contractor Mehbub Abdul Rashid Hussain.

As per the police report, the deceased labourer was engaged in a construction project managed by developer Davkhar Infrastructure in Dombivli. Standard safety protocols dictate that contractors, responsible for electrical and painting work, must provide all necessary safety equipment to their workers before assigning them tasks at the construction site. Unfortunately, in this tragic incident, the worker in question was compelled to work without the requisite tools for safety.

Therefore, the complaint has been registered against contractors, and the Assistant Police Inspector of Manpada Police Station, Sampat Fadol, is investigating the case.