Toll Waiver For Ganesha Devotees Travelling To Konkan; Effective From Today

Mumbai, 27th August 2022: The state government has decided to give toll exemption to the vehicles of Ganesha devotees going to Konkan during the Ganeshotsav period. The order was issued on Friday and the exemption will be implemented starting today, till 11th September.


Vehicle drivers must get a pass for toll exemption. The Chief Minister held a meeting on July 21 and gave instructions for toll waiver to the concerned department.


Along with the regular buses of ST, more than three thousand extra buses have been reserved this year. The ST Corporation is prepared to release more STs if the demand increases.


Road tax waiver passes printed with the text ‘Ganeshotsav 2022, Konkan Darshan’ will be given. It will mention the vehicle number and the driver’s name. These passes will be available at Police Stations and RTO. The passes will be considered for the return journey as well.