Trade Marks Registration of GIPR logo

Mumbai, 29th July 2022: Railway in India wrote a page in history in 1853 when the subcontinent’s first train ran from Bori Bunder (now Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus Mumbai) and Tannah (now Thane) a distance of 33 km by the Great Indian Peninsula Railway (GIPR). Gradually the railways spread its network through different railway companies. Each system was identified with unique logos.


The Great Indian Peninsula Railway was incorporated on August 1, 1849 by an act of the British Parliament. It had a share capital of 50,000 pounds. On August 17, 1849 it entered into a formal contract with the East India Company for the construction and operation of an experimental line, 56 km long, to form part of a trunk line connecting Bombay with Khandesh and Berar and generally with the other presidencies of India. On July 1, 1925 its management was taken over by the Government.


Central Railway, the successor to GIP Railway was formed on 5.11.1951, by integrating Nizam State, Scindia State and Dholpur State Railways.


In order to protect railway’s intangible heritage assets and to preserve the logo which is as old as the railways in India, the logo of GIPR is registered from Trade Marks Registry. The certificate is registered under Transport, Goods and Storage and Travel Arrangment in Class 39 on 23.7.2022.


Any person or organization has to obtain permission for use of this GIPR logo from Central Railway.