‘Traffic Block’ For Lower Parel Flyover From Midnight For Four Days From Today

Mumbai, 15th September 2022: The Western Railway took a four-hour traffic block on 15th September at midnight to install a second girder on the Delil Road flyover adjacent to the Lower Parel railway station. Four more blocks are planned to be taken and the officials of Western Railway informed that the traffic block is being taken from 1.10 am to 5.10 am on 17th September.


Due to this block, the last local from Churchgate to Borivali leaving at 1 am has been cancelled. On 17th September, the first local train from Andheri to Churchgate at 4.04 am and from Borivali to Churchgate at 3.50 am has also been cancelled. Local from Churchgate to Andheri on 16th September at 12.31 midnight, local from Churchgate to Borivali at 4.19 am on 17th September, and local from Borivali to Churchgate at 5.31 am have been canceled. Chief Public Relations Officer of Western Railway, Sumit Thakur, said that “for further work of the Lower Parel flyover, these works will be completed by taking a four-day block from midnight on 15th September. These blocks are being taken for installation of girders and other works.”


Further local schedule changes




– Slow local leaving Borivali (September 16) at 00.30 midnight for Churchgate will be operated as additional fast local between Andheri-Bandra-Dadar-Mumbai Central.




– Local departing from Virar (September 16) at 00.05 midnight for Churchgate will be operated as extra fast local between Borivali-Andheri-Bandra-Dadar-Mumbai Central.




– Virar slow local leaving Churchgate (September 17) at 04.15 am will leave Dadar at 4.36 am. So this train will be partially canceled between Churchgate and Dadar.




– Borivali Slow Local leaving Churchgate (September 17) at 04.38 am will leave Bandra station at 05.08 am.




– Churchgate Slow Local departing from Virar (September 17) at 03.25 am will depart 15 minutes late.




– Borivali Slow Local leaving Nalasopara (September 17) at 03.40 am will depart late after departure of Virar-Churchgate Slow Local.




-Churchgate Fast Local leaving Bhayander (September 17) at 04.05 am will be delayed by fifteen minutes.




– Churchgate Fast Local leaving Virar (September 17) at 03.53 am will be delayed by five minutes.




– Churchgate slow local departing Borivali (September 17) at 04.02 am will run to Dadar and will not stop at Matunga Road, Mahim station. In the opposite direction, Dadar-Virar will run as fast local. Hence, both locales will remain partially canceled between Dadar and Churchgate.




-Churchgate slow local departing from Borivali (September 17) at 04.14 am will run to Bandra. In the opposite direction it will be run as Bandra-Borivali slow local. Hence both these trains will remain partially canceled between Bandra and Churchgate.




Current status of work on three more flyovers by Maharashtra Rail Infrastructure Development Corporation (MRIDC) Western Railway and Mumbai Municipal Corporation




1 Belasis flyover near Mumbai Central – Finalization of tariff for bridge work in progress. Only after that, the work of installing new girders




2) Prabhadevi Station Karol Flyover – Removal of cables, other wires and other objects near the bridge is in progress. MRIDC will build this bridge within the railway boundary




3) Mahalakshmi Flyover – Final decision for girders and other works is pending from Mumbai Municipal Corporation and MRIDC.