Chief Minister Eknath Shinde Takes Immediate Action After Car Catches Fire On Highway

Mumbai, 14th September 2022: A youth’s car suddenly caught on fire at Vileparle on the Western Express Highway around midnight. When the incident took place, Chief Minister Eknath Shinde and his convoy of vehicles were also passing through the same road. Chief Minister Shinde returned to Mumbai after completing his Aurangabad tour.




After this, he was going to his home from the airport here. However, they found a young man’s car on fire on the road. After this, he halted his fleet without thinking and questioned the young man.




Since assuming the post of Chief Minister of the state, he has been constantly visiting the nook and cranny of the state, trying to understand the problems of the people. Since becoming the Chief Minister, Shinde has taken many decisions in the interest of the people. It has also been seen many times that he is always ready to help the public.




A similar incident was witnessed at Vileparle. A car suddenly caught fire on the road here. Seeing this, Chief Minister Shinde without even a moment’s delay, stopped his convoy and ran to help the concerned car driver.




It was raining in the concerned area when the incident took place. Chief Minister Shinde got down from the car in the heavy rain. He asked the concerned youth his name. After this, giving courage to the young man, the CM said, “It is important that his life is saved. We will get a new car, don’t worry.” While getting back into the car, the concerned youth was also advised not to go near the burning car.