Vishnu Bhowmik Alias ‘Afzal’ Arrested For Threatening Mukesh Ambani’s Family

Mumbai, 16th August 2022: Police have arrested a south Mumbai jeweller who threatened to kill the family of businessman Mukesh Ambani. The name of the arrested has been identified as Vishnu Bhowmik and he called the hospital eight times and threatened to kill Mukesh Ambani’s family. While calling, he had told his name as ‘Afzal’.


On August 15, Mukesh Ambani and his family received several threatening calls. All these calls came to Reliance Foundation’s Harkishandas Hospital around 10.30 am. According to the police, Vishnu Bhowmik also mentioned Dhirubhai Ambani in one of the calls.


Police are probing the criminal background of Vishnu Bhowmik, a resident of Dahisar. The police have registered a case against him under IPC section 506 (2). The police have said that some national investigation agencies have also sought information about the case.


“The suspect threatened Mukesh Ambani and also abused him. Now, he has been arrested,” said the police. The police are currently interrogating the suspect and the case is under investigation.


In February last year, an SUV was found outside Mukesh Ambani’s residence in Mumbai. Explosives were kept in this car. After this, there was excitement in the whole country including the state. Some police officers are under arrest in this case.