Rugved Barguje emerges best rider of Round 2 as Petronas TVS Racing team dominates in Pune

Pune, May 9 2022 :Pune’s former National champion RugvedBarguje mastered the 700-meter-long challenging track to win both races in the topmost Class 1 Category and emerged the best rider of the weekend evening in the second round of the MRF MOGRIP National Supercross championshipheld at the open ground next to passport office in Mundhwa.


Rugved’s performance inspired Petronas TVS Racing team riders to do their best as they dominated most of the categories that will go in the long way to boost the team’s championship hopes when the season nears it end.


On a balmy evening as the track was still being watered before the start of the evening extravaganza, Rugved took the sighting lap gingerly to access the track properly and once the Class 1 race began, he was the first to take the lead over his seasoned compatriot C D Jinan. The two kept themselves in the race avoiding to make any nasty manoeuvres specially on the section comprising , a 10 whoop de doos.


Barguje, who has come back into competitive action after recovering from s major crash during Covid period while practicing, collected full 40 points to add to 37 points he earned in the first round in Nashik.




Class 1 SX1:


Overall standings: 1. RugvedBarguje(on TVS-RTR 300) –team Petronas TVS, 2.IkshanShanbhag(on TVS-RTR 300) –team Petronas TVS,3. C D Jinan(on TVS-RTR 300) –team Petronas TVS,4.V Prajwal (on TVS-RTR 300) –team Petronas TVS,5. SholkGhorpade(on KTM 150) –Satara.


Class 2SX2:


Overall standings: 1.K Mnikaran(on kawasaki KX 250)—Coimbatore,2. BhumikLalwani(on (onkawasaki KX 250)—Mount Abu, 3. Ajay Srinivas(on KawasakiKX250)—Bangalore,4.SholkGhorpade (on KTM 150) –Satara, 5. Dwayne Johannes(on CR250)—Mumbai.


Class 3Novice:


Overall standings: 1.JinendraSangave(on TVS-RTR 200) –team Petronas TVS, 2. Rajesh Swami (on Hero Impulse)—Pen,3. RusselJossy (on Hero Impulse),4. Pinkesh Thakkar (on Hero Impulse),5. Rakesh Bhosale(on Hero Impulse).


Class 5Indian experts:


Overall standings: :1. Arun T. (on Hero Impulse), 2. R Natraj(on TVS-RTR 200) –team Petronas TVS,3. D. Sachin lang (on TVS-RTR 200) –team Petronas TVS,4. . R. Sabrish(on Hero Impulse)—Coimbatore,5. Kalimohanon TVS-RTR 200) –team Petronas TVS,. R. Sabrish(on Hero Impulse)—Coimbatore




Class 6Private experts:


Overall standings:


Overall standings:1. Arun T. (on Hero Impulse) –Hassan,2. Shailesh Kumar (on Hero Impulse)—Coimbatore,3. Yogesh P. (on Hero Impulse)— Bangalore,4. R. Sabrish(on Hero Impulse)—Coimbatore, 5. Pinkesh Thakkar (on Hero Impulse)—Pune.


Class 7Junior SX1:


Overall standings:1.Shlok Ghorpade (on KTM150) –Satara, 2. JinendraSangave (on Kawasaki KX250) –Ichalkaranji, 3. Sujan j(on Kawasaki KX250) –Coimbatore,4. Anastyapol(on Kawasaki KX100) –Bangalore,5. Faiz Sayyed(on KTM SX 85) –Pune.


Class 8Junior SX2:


Overall standings:1.Akshat Hupale(on KTM SX 85) –Pune, 2. Bhairav C (on Hasquarna)—bangalore,3. Sujan J(onKTMSX65) –Coimbatore,4. Yash Shinde (onKTMSX65) –Pune, 5.Chaitanya Joshi(onKTMSX65) –Pune.


Overall standings:Arun T. (on Hero Impulse) –Hassan,2. Shailesh Kumar(on Hero Impulse)—Hassan.3.Yogesh P.(on Hero Impulse )—