BEST Electric Double-Decker Air-Conditioned Buses In Pune To Begin Service This Month

Pune, 2nd October 2022: The BEST initiative decided to introduce electric double-decker air-conditioned buses into service from September. However, the buses are still undergoing testing at the Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI) centre in Pune. After its completion, the buses will be put into service this month.




The BEST initiative has decided to introduce double-decker air-conditioned buses with higher passenger capacity in a phased manner, and 900 such buses will be included in the fleet on lease. The testing of an air-conditioned bus running on electricity has started at ARAI Center in Pune, and it was expected that they would be in service in September. In the first phase, three out of four buses would come into service. But it has also been delayed. Lokesh Chandra, General Manager of BEST, said that the double-decker air-conditioned bus will be in service for passengers this month.




The double-decker air-conditioned bus has automatic doors on both sides, controlled by the bus driver to open or close. There is also a special arrangement for mutual communication between the two conductors in the bus, along with CCTV cameras. The charging of this bus is completed in 80 minutes. The capacity is 66, and ten people can travel standing.