Bomb Threat To Indigo Flight, Security Agencies Alerted After Email Received At Mumbai Airport

Mumbai, 2nd October 2022: The Mumbai airport received a threatening email on Saturday night, stating that bombs were planted on an IndiGo flight. As soon as this email arrived, there was a stir among the security officials at the airport. However, nothing was found when the flight was checked. In such a situation, it became clear that the claim of being a bomb was just a rumour.




It was written in the email that a bomb has been planted on Indigo flight number 6E 6045. This flight was to go from Mumbai to Ahmedabad at night. The IndiGo flight was delayed at night after an investigation due to bomb rumours. Security agencies are now investigating who sent this email and what its purpose was.




Significantly, a flight from Delhi to Malaysia was delayed due to false rumours of a bomb at the Indira Gandhi International Airport on Friday. Officials said security agencies were alerted of a bomb threat from Malaysia Airlines flight MH173 at around 1 pm, following which they conducted a thorough check on the entire plane.




The plane took off for Kuala Lumpur after a delay of 2 hours and 40 minutes, and the four passengers involved in the incident were handed over to the local police. An argument broke out between two passengers over keeping bags in the overhead cabin of the plane. One passenger asked the other what was in his bag, and the other replied ‘bomb’. The flight was called off after the pilot was informed about it. The pilot then informed the ATC (air traffic controller) about the incident.