Bombay High Court sets final hearing for Kunal Kamra’s petition against IT Rules amendment

Mumbai, 27th April 2023: The Bombay High Court held an urgent hearing today on the petition filed by comedian Kunal Kamra against the amendment to Information and Technology Rules that provides for a special cell for fact-checking of fake, false, and misleading online content.

The Central Government has submitted an affidavit to the court assuring that the special cell will not be operational until July 5. Kamra had expressed concern that his submissions might be excluded or his accounts could be closed under the new rules.

The court directed Kamra to amend the petition and submit the final draft by June 6. The final hearing in the matter will be held on June 8 before Justice GS Patel and Nila Gokhale. Kamra is known for his political commentary through humor and expresses fears of a huge business loss if his accounts are closed. Kamra has demanded that the proposed provisions of the Information and Technology Act be deemed unconstitutional and has requested an order to restrain the central government from taking action against any person or their account under the new rules.


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