Calling Husband An alcoholic And An Adulterer Without Evidence Is Cruelty: Bombay High Court

Mumbai, 25th October 2022: The Bombay High Court said that it is cruelty if a woman calls her husband an alcoholic and an adulterer without any proof. In its decision, the court has upheld the order of the Family Court in which it was said to annul the marriage.

A division bench of Justices Nitin Jamdar and Sharmila Deshmukh dismissed the petition of a 50-year-old woman. In her petition, the woman had sought quashing of the order of the family court in Pune. The order was passed by the Family Court in November 2005.
The woman was married to an army officer. There was a case in the High Court, meanwhile the husband had also died.

The woman had claimed that her husband was an alcoholic and characterless, due to which she was not even given the basic rights of married life.

However, the Bench said that the woman has tried to assassinate her husband’s image without any evidence and has tarnished his image in the society, hence this case is a case of cruelty. The court said that the woman did not produce any evidence to substantiate her allegations

The lawyer appearing for the woman’s late husband said that due to such allegations, he had gone into depression.

The High Court said that when a person is mentally tortured to such a degree that he does not dare to be together, it is classified as cruelty.