Cannabis Worth Rs 4 Crores Seized By NCB, One Arrested

Mumbai, 3rd September 2022: The Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) has succeeded in seizing cannabis worth Rs four crores brought for sale in the city. The NCB informed that 210 kg of cannabis has been seized and one accused had been arrested during the operation.


The accused had been supplying cannabis and other narcotic drugs for the past few years in various parts of Mumbai, especially Govandi, Mankhurd, and other local areas.




The NCB had received a tip that large quantities of cannabis are being smuggled into Mumbai from Andhra Pradesh and Orissa. On analyzing this information, ACB got information that an accused from Pune was bringing cannabis to Govandi. Based on this information, the NCB team chased the smuggler and the vehicle coming towards Mumbai from the Pune-Mumbai highway. But the driver was changing the route to avoid the security forces. He diverted the vehicle to Khopoli Road. After that, the NCB team stopped the vehicle of the accused and checked it.


NCB officials found 98 sealed packets with brown adhesive tape by the accused. 210 kg of cannabis was found in it. The cannabis was seized after completing the legal process. The accused was then arrested. The accused is a resident of Mumbai. When interrogated, he said he was involved in drug trafficking in the past. The demand for cannabis has increased tremendously at present due to the seizure of large quantities of cannabis by the NCB in the last two months. So, the arrested said that he bought cannabis from one of the main sellers in Pune. He was active in drug trafficking for the last four-five years. This cannabis is produced in the Naxalite-affected areas of Andhra Pradesh and Odisha. Later, they are sold in various states of the country.