Cocaine Worth Rs 13 Crores Seized From Foreigner’s Stomach At Mumbai International Airport

Mumbai, 3rd September 2022: The Customs Department seized 1,300 grams of cocaine worth Rs 13 crores hidden in the stomach of a foreign national at the Mumbai International Airport.




The accused has been identified as Pax and he is a citizen of Ghana. Cocaine in the form of 87 capsules was brought by the passenger after surgically concealing it in his stomach. The accused has been arrested.


Pax tried to smuggle cocaine into India by hiding 87 capsules and concealing them in his stomach. Mumbai Customs Department arrested him at the airport itself. The value of 1,300 grams of cocaine seized from the passenger is up to Rs 13 crore in the international market. Pax, a resident of Ghana, landed at the Mumbai International Airport on August 28. There, Pax was intercepted by the customs officials after observing his suspicious behaviour.




Officers found nothing in his belongings during the search, but during the investigation, the authorities found that he had swallowed 87 capsules containing cocaine. He was admitted to a government hospital where he expelled the capsules during three days of treatment.