Decisive Steps: Mumbai’s Additional Municipal Commissioner Empowers Officials for Maratha Reservation

Mumbai, 13 January 2023: In a significant move towards implementing the Maratha reservation, the Mumbai Metropolitan Municipality has initiated comprehensive preparations. The responsibility for overseeing the reservation process has been entrusted to the Assistant Commissioners across the 24 divisions of the municipality. This proactive step aims to streamline the survey work, which is set to commence as soon as the designated survey app becomes available.

To expedite the survey process, the Additional Municipal Commissioner has empowered the Assistant Commissioners with full authority to appoint staff for the upcoming survey. At the division level, the appointment structure includes one enumerator for approximately 150 households. Additionally, an extra 10 percent of enumerators and one supervisor for every 20 enumerators will be designated. The government will provide these appointed staff members with login IDs and passwords for access to the survey app.

The Assistant Commissioner will play a pivotal role in decision-making at the division level, determining which employees will be assigned the roles of enumerator, additional enumerator, and supervisor. The orders issued by the Assistant Commissioner in this regard will be binding.

Recognizing the need for effective coordination, administrative officers and other officials at the departmental level have been directed to serve as nodal officers. These officers will facilitate seamless communication and collaboration between the central office, various departmental offices, and employees of the government involved in the survey.

A pivotal aspect of the Maratha society and open category survey is the deployment of a dedicated app on the mobile devices of every employee involved in the process. This technological integration underscores the municipality’s commitment to conducting a thorough and inclusive survey.

With all necessary directives in place, the municipality expresses its readiness for the impending survey. The Assistant Commissioners, along with appointed staff, are geared up to ensure the efficient and accurate implementation of the Maratha reservation. The initiation of the survey awaits the availability of the designated survey app, marking a crucial step forward in addressing the concerns related to Maratha reservation.a