Dense Fog Disrupts Local Train Services on Central Railway, Causes Delays and Cancellations

Mumbai, 3rd December 2023: Locals on Central Railway faced significant delays ranging from 30 to 40 minutes since Friday morning due to dense fog, adversely impacting the daily routine of commuters, employees, and businessmen.

The thick fog that enveloped the Mumbai, Pune, and Bhusawal routes of Central Railway during the early morning hours created visibility challenges for motormen and loco pilots. Reduced visibility made it difficult for them to navigate the railway lines safely. Consequently, trains across various sections, including Mumbai, were compelled to operate at lower speeds to ensure passenger safety.

The impact was most pronounced on local trains in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR), where commuters experienced delays of 30 to 40 minutes from the crack of dawn. This situation persisted until 2 pm, causing inconvenience to a large number of passengers. Compounding the issue, priority was given to trains arriving from other sections on the Mumbai Suburban route, leading to prolonged halts for many local trains.

A senior official from the Central Railway reported, “Due to the morning fog, 10 local trains had to be cancelled, further exacerbating the disruption in the schedule.”