‘Dial 112’ To Now Be Available For Social Media Complaints

Pune, 19th January 2023: The ‘Dial 112’ contact system, which was launched a year ago for police assistance and redressal of complaints, has now been made available to register complaints on social media. Therefore, it will be possible to settle the complaints registered through social media quickly.

After the implementation of the ‘Dial 112’ contact system, 11.5 lakh citizens of Maharashtra have registered police complaints in the last year.

The system has been jointly developed by Maharashtra Police and Mahindra Defense Services. Trained manpower has been appointed for the complaints received through social media and for a prompt response. A person who files a complaint through social media will get immediate police help. It has handles on Twitter and Facebook under the name ‘112 Maharashtra’. Other details are available on the Maharashtra Police website. Citizens can register their complaints and seek immediate help through social media.

Another rapid response service has been started by the Maharashtra Police Force through this technology. The system was inaugurated by Deputy Chief Minister and Home Minister Devendra Fadnavis at the annual crime review meeting in the state. The ‘Dial 112’ contact system has been updated under the guidance of Director General of Police Rajnish Sheth, Additional Director General of Police (Law and Order) Kulwant Kumar Sarangal and Special Inspector General of Police Suhas Warke.

A year ago, the Maharashtra Police started the ‘Dial 112’ contact system. Assistance is provided to the complainant if he complains about this contact system. This system has been started to assist the police, fire brigade and emergencies. Earlier, citizens had to contact the number ‘100’ for police assistance.

11.5 lakh citizens of the state have registered complaints on the ‘Dial 112’ contact system; out of that, 2.5 lakh complaints are from women. The police receive an average of 19,000 complaints every day through this system. Out of them, 2,800 complaints were redressed.