Due To Continuous Climate Change, Cold, Fever, Cough Patients Increase In Mumbai

Mumbai, 3rd February 2023: Due to the continuous change in weather for the past few days, the number of patients suffering from fever and cold cough has increased in Mumbai. Sometimes there is a sudden increase in the cold. Meanwhile, two days of hot weather and nighttime cold again increased the incidence of disease due to the constantly changing weather in the city. Therefore, the doctors of the municipal hospitals have stated that there has been an increase in outpatient services at Vashi Municipal Hospital, which is centrally located in the city.

The city of Navi Mumbai has been witnessing a continuous change in the atmosphere in the last few days. Due to this, the number of children and citizens getting sick has also increased.

Due to the changing environment, the number of patients outside private clinics is also increasing. An average of 1,000 to 1,100 outpatients are seen in the outpatient department of the municipal hospital in Vashi. But due to the continuous change in the environment, the number of municipal hospitals has also started to increase. Since last Monday, the number of outpatients has been continuously increasing. The number of morning walkers in the city of Navi Mumbai is also large, and due to the continuous change, headaches, fever, cold and cough are increasing. Due to the change in the air in the morning and evening, sudden cold is also felt, due to which doctors are expressing the opinion that the number of people falling ill is high.

There is an outpatient department in the municipal hospital and several patients are constantly seen in this place. 1 thousand to 1100 patients are found daily. But due to the rapid changes in the environment in the city, the number of patients getting sick has increased due to the imbalanced environment and the number of patients has started increasing from 1000 to 1100 per day. Therefore, the citizens should also take proper care.