Establishment Of A Committee To Dispose Of Cases Of Violation Of Mukhpatti Rules; State Govt Information In High Court

Mumbai, 23rd October 2022: A committee has been formed at the city and district level to dispose of the cases filed in connection with the violation of Mukhpatti rules, mainly due to the corona epidemic that started in January 2021 and the restrictions imposed in background. The state government informed the High Court about this. The court was also told that cases against MPs and MLAs will be settled only with the permission of the High Court.

The court had ordered the government to clarify that considering the current situation where Corona restrictions no longer exist, what will be done about the crimes filed against those who do not use masks? The court also ordered a copy of this order to be sent to the Home Secretary for consideration. Against this backdrop, the government informed the bench of Justice Revati Mohite Dere and Justice Shriram Modak that a three-member committee has been formed at the city and district levels to recommend the disposal of these cases. A copy of the government decision establishing the committee was also submitted to the court.

According to this government decision, the details of the cases filed in the case of violation of Corona rules will be kept before the committee. After reviewing the case, the committee will recommend the court through the public prosecutor to settle the case. The court will then dispose of the case. The city-level committee will be headed by Deputy Commissioner, while the district-level committee will be headed by Sub Divisional Officer.

The state government informed the court that a committee has been set up to hear the petition for the cancellation of the case filed in connection with the charge of spreading infectious disease by not wearing a mask, and which cases will be disposed of.

Which cases will be resolved?

In the government decision, the government has said that the committee should consider settling the cases that do not involve attacks on government employees and health workers who were on the frontline during the Corona period, and cases involving damage to private and public property of fewer than 50 thousand rupees. Similarly, if there is more than one accused in the case and if compensation is to be recovered from them, it is also recommended that it should be recovered equally from all the accused.